Events:LinuxTag 2011


When: May 11. to 14.


Name Nick Arrival Departure LinuxNacht? Accomodation Status Booth Bringing...
Alex Legler a3li not sure yet late 13. or early 14.  ? Hotel 80% probability mi/do/fr Me, $hardware?, $promo_stuff?
Chi-Thanh Christopher Nguyen chithanh already there no probably not  ::1 confirmed all days Me, 100 mbit switch, $foodstuff?
Andrew Karpow andy always there let me think... nope probably not localhost confirmed At least 2 Days Me, maybe somethin else
Christian Ruppert idl0r 11. (evening) 13.  ? Hotel 90% probability
Attila Stehr as.gentoo already there no would be possible @home confirmed all days (Di-Sa) me, laptop (mayb moni+PC, depends on options for transport/safekeeping)
Craig Craig 11. (evening) 13. unknown unknown unknown pi * 31 percent probability
Marcus Becker disi 12/05/11 16:30h 15/05/11 10:20h 95% Kumpel booked 13th/14th... in negotiation...

Booth equipment

  • Switch
  • Power distributors
  • T-Shirts/stuff
  • Gentoo 11 LiveDVDs
  • A3 or A2 - poster with gentoo logo & writing for the wall
  • what else?