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Aus der großen Auswahl an Mailinglisten, möchten wir die Folgenden empfehlen (geringes E-Mail-Aufkommen, aktuelle Informationen):

  • gentoo-announce: Sicherheitsinformationen und wichtige Ankündigungen (abonnieren)
  • gentoo-dev-announce: Ankündigungen mit technischen Details (abonnieren)


I subscribed to a list using my home email address, but I can't post to the list from work. What do I do to fix this?

To reduce spam, all of our lists are configured to only allow posts from official subscriber email addresses. Fortunately, mlmmj supports "nomail" subscriptions, allowing you to register alternate email addresses that can be used only for posting to the list. Here's an example of how this works. Let's say you subscribed to the gentoo-dev list as, but you'd also like to post to the list using your email address. To do this, send a message (as to You should then be allowed to post to gentoo-dev using both your home and work email addresses.

I want to switch from regular delivery to digest delivery. How do I do this?

Unsubscribe from the normal list and then subscribe to the digest list. For list listname, this would be done by sending empty emails to the following two addresses: